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We are a revolutionary concept development and management company. Activities of B/W Concepts spans across several industries. It operates from its principle office in the UAE and serves the wider GCC and middle east region. The prime function or purpose of us  is to conceptualize fresh, new and innovative ideas and convert them into viable and operational business ventures. The rationale behind the name reflects the philosophy of our company. Our life is full of choices and these days it has become quite complicated with too many choices and options at almost every step we take. In spite of these wide choices we have, most of these options don’t meet the very basic and simple needs of most consumers. And identifying the right option, in itself is a challenge. At Black or White, we make life simple. We create solutions that are simple, direct yet innovative.

services we offer


Our reputed team of architects provide consultancy in: Design options as per needs and budgets, Sourcing of appropriate materials and Ensuring statutory compliance


In order to provide dream interiors to our customers, we do: Research concepts, Brainstorm décor, furniture, finishes and Procure materials within budget


Our services will help you: Explore latest products and design trends, Improve aesthetic features of structures and Coordinate with landscaping contractors


Landscape techniques will be advised including: Designs of land areas for commercial / residential projects, appropriate materials for landscape designs and Statutory compliance


We offer consultancy on the following: · Design of Lighting systems, Identifying suitable suppliers and info on Innovative, Energy Efficient lighting systems

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