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Strategic planning Advisory is a process and thus has inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes. This process, like all processes, has constraints. It may be formal or informal and is typically iterative, with feedback loops throughout the process. Some elements of the process may be continuous and others may be executed as discrete projects with a definitive start and end during a period. Strategic planning provides inputs for strategic thinking, which guides the actual strategy formation. The end result is the organization’s strategy, including a diagnosis of the environment and competitive situation, a guiding policy on what the organization intends to accomplish, and key initiatives or action plans for achieving the guiding policy.

services we offer


Our panel of finance professionals provide assistance in: Financial Feasibility Study, Cost Control and Cash flow management


To optimize organizational success, our assistance encompasses: SWOT analysis, Expert Reports and Strategy implementation


Our services will throw light on: Assessment of investment categories, Risks in the investment and Expert opinion


Key Project Management techniques will be advised including: Project Concepts, Project Planning and Performance Monitoring


An insight into effective creative approaches will be provided through: Finalization of Objectives, Idea Generation and Feasibility check

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